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Comprehensive R&D building— Total invested 39 millions, all following international first grade standard, it will be a top professional Technology Incubator, cover an area of 5800 sqm. 

We are preparing pilot plant, will start construction in Aug, 2015.It’s expected to finish in the end of 2015, then can produce ton scale chemicals.

To establish our company as leading chemical enterprise in our city, we are building pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturing base. It occupies 80 acres in Chenjing Industry Park. Currently, it is under EIA evaluation now.

The investment will be 130 million RMB in total, After this manufacturing base established, the pharmaceutical intermediates project annual production capacity will be 1810 ton, will increase new sales amount 300 million, profits and tax will be over 50 million.

Small molecule heterocyclic compound library

Produce world class compound libraries, building blocks and key intermediates and fine chemicals

Youbang (ACB) is planning to build small molecule heterocyclic compound library, which is composed of the hundred thousands of drug-like compounds, novel-agrochemical intermediates, fragments and building blocks with potential biological activity.

Our discovery team has designed over 1,000,000 such small molecules based on CADD and other tools.

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